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We want a clean, sustainable, and abundant low carbon future for everyone!


Our mission is to accelerate the ability of the world to achieve Net Zero by 2050, by driving collaboration between nuclear and renewable technology.

The highlights of our position paper you ask?

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Our scientifically underpinned position paper will be used to influence international decision makers.
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We are a team of young, international volunteers made up of engineers, scientists and communicators, who are passionate about saving our planet!

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Call to Action

We need petition signatures to bolster the case for new nuclear as part of the clean energy mix when we go to international policy makers - help us show the united support! 
A clean, sustainable and abundant low-carbon future is what we want for everyone and our mission is to accelerate the ability of the world to achieve net zero by 2050, by driving collaboration between nuclear and renewable technology.
COP26 in Glasgow represents a critical opportunity for our nations to come together and take action, collectively changing the way we think about climate and setting us on the path towards achieving Net Zero.
We are calling on all negotiators and policy makers who are involved at COP26 to take a scientific and technology neutral approach to energy policy and financing which can promote sustainable collaboration between nuclear and renewables.

Get Involved

There are further ways you can get involved in our campaign to show your support. To take part, all you need to do is take a photo or video of yourself explaining why you believe nuclear plays an important part in achieving Net Zero, sign our petition and share with the hashtag #NetZeroNeedsNuclear. Click below to find out more!

Thank you

Finally, we would like to thank all the individuals and organisations who have supported our campaign and helped spread our message. We couldn't do it without your support.

In particular, we would like to thank EDF and Urenco for sponsoring the Young Generation Networks Net Zero Activities, ensuring the voices of young people in nuclear are heard.

About us


The Young Generation Network (YGN) is the young members branch of the Nuclear Institute (NI), which is the professional body and learned society for the UK nuclear sector.
The YGN’s mission to encourage and develop those in the early stages of their nuclear careers, and ensure that their voice is heard in shaping the future of our sector. Part of this is by engaging with international groups and advocating for nuclear energy.

Nuclear 4 Climate

Nuclear for Climate is an initiative gathering over 150 associations with the goal of educating policymakers and the public about the necessity of including nuclear energy among the carbon-free solutions to climate change. It was co-founded by the ENS, the French Nuclear Society (SFEN) and the American Nuclear Society (ANS) in 2015, ahead of the COP21 conference in Paris.
The initiative brings together professionals and scientists of the international nuclear community, coordinated via regional and national nuclear associations and technical societies. The international community recognises the urgent need to decarbonize electricity generation to protect people and the planet from air pollution and climate change.
Since 2015, over 150 nuclear associations have shared our declaration messages via social media, and our twitter account reached over 300,000 tweet impressions around the world. Our award-winning grassroots communications campaign was retweeted by high-profile news publications such as the NY Times, NBC and ABC news.