We've been making waves with our campaign; on this page we have collated all the public engagements our team has been involved in, from webinars to articles to podcasts!

COP26 Itself

Below are a collection of some of the things we were able to capture with respect to engagement at COP26.

Sophie Z - Sky News Live (4 mins)

Neil Calder at COP26.PNG

Saralyn Thomas - IAEA 'Net Zero World: The Youth Perspective Today & The Future'

Neil Calder - Mobilising climate and development finance to meet the Paris Agreement: Perspectives on nuclear energy

Jess Cliff - Swedish TV (SVT)

Arun Khuttan, Miguel Trenkel-Lopez - Welt TV

Eduardo Cuoc - Eurovision

Alice Cunha da SIlva - Reuters

Eric Meyer - NowThis

Jadwiga Najder - Sky News Climate Cast

Max Karous, Katie Paterson - Raising Stars

Jadwiga Najder - The ProjectTV

Princess Mthombeni - eNCA

Rob Loveday - ABC News

Jessica Johnson, Jadwiga Najder - Canadian Radio

Media at COP26 (1).png

Have you spotted us anywhere else? We weren't able to capture everything due to the sheer volume, so get in touch if there is anything not mentioned here.

Our delegates under Nuclear for Climate at COP26 wore t-shirts with the below designs, all famous for getting conversations started around key messages.

Back A _ bags.png
Back D.png
Back B.png
Back C.png

Pre - COP


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