Nuclear Climate Heroes

Nuclear workers are the unsung heroes of the climate emergency. Hardworking and reliable, like the energy itself, nuclear workers don't often get the acknowledgement they deserve for the important work they do. 

But no more.

Nuclear Workers are Climate Heroes, and now is the time to celebrate them! 

Bee-branding nuclear


The Bee


Nuclear workers, like bees, come together to achieve common goals for the good of our societies and are a keystone species whose role is disproportionately important for an ecosystem’s health relative to its size. 

The bee, if you look closely, might also remind you of the honeycomb design of some nuclear reactors. 

Nuclear power plants provide a lot of clean energy on a small footprint of land. Both nuclear reactors and bees are small and mighty.

Climate Heroes... ?

Nuclear energy is one of the lowest carbon forms of energy. The carbon saved from using nuclear energy compared to the normal grid is huge.

Each worker saves more then 300 tonnes of CO2 per year!

As well as this, the footprint of land required for nuclear energy is tiny, which means there is more land for nature.


Join the revolution by downloading a climate hero pack!

  • Set virtual meeting backgrounds from our pack

  • Post a profile on social media using our template of someone you think is a climate hero

#NuclearClimateHero      #NetZeroNeedsNuclear

Watch this space for more ways to get involved

Nuclear Climate Heroes is a collaboration between the NI YGN, Generation Atomic, Next Gen NIC and Nuclear for Climate

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